Bonjour, Quebec? 

So, what is happening with the province of Quebec's Regular Skilled Worker program? In March 2017, the Quebec government announced that it would accept 5000 new applications under the Regular Skilled Worker program this fiscal year. However, the exact date on which this program will re-open remains unknown. 

Potential immigrants to Quebec are anxiously waiting to hear when the Regular Skilled Worker program will re-open. Provincial nomination programs like this one are extremely popular and quotas often fill within hours of a program's opening. 

Why is there a quota of 5000 applications?

In its Ministerial Instruction published in March 2017, the government of Quebec announced that it already has more than 30,000 immigration applications currently awaiting processing. Having a backlog like this isn't good for anyone. For a government, it is expensive and time-consuming. For applicants, it means processing times are long. Nowadays, most immigration programs in Canada have yearly quotas to avoid situations where the number of applications received exceeds processing capacity. 

When will the Regular Skilled Worker program re-open?

All we know is that the program will open "at a later date" but likely before March 31, 2018. The Quebec government recently announced that it will finally start on July 15, 2017 to process the Regular Skilled Worker applications that it received electronically after December 31, 2015. Applications received in paper format prior to that date will continue to be processed. Generally, it is expected that the program will re-open when the Quebec government has cleared some of the backlog of 30,000 applications.

What can you do while you wait?

Applicants who are waiting for the Regular Skilled Worker program to open should complete their application forms online at Mon project Quebec and gather their supporting documents. Given the popularity of this program, it is essential for would-be applicants to be prepared to submit an application quickly when the program opens. Some applicants may also be eligible to submit an application at any time if they have a validated job offer or currently work or study in Quebec.

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